Internal Shutters

Shutters are the most popular window furnishing today due to their unique style and appeal, privacy and light control, versatility, ventilation and increased energy efficiency.

Like any investment, only shutters of exceptional quality will provide long term value and home appreciation.

RR have sourced and chosen Australia’s first and largest company of ‘quality’ plantation shutters to be our only supplier.

We carry the largest range of quality shutter products with a choice of different product materials including composite products and solid timber.  The shutters are available in sliding, swinging or bi-fold options.

Waterproof internal shutters are also available in the Waterproof Woodbury range for use in areas such as bathroom, kitchen, laundry, ensuite and waterfront locations.

Our shutters come with the option of Easy Tilt or Tilt Rod options.

Easy Tilt is a special gearing system manufactured into the stile of the panel, using a rack & pinion arrangement to allow all the louvres to operate by hand when one louvre is moved.


Tilt Rod is the bar used to open and close the louvres by simply moving the rod upward or downward.  The tilt rod is connected to the louvres with pre-glued stainless steel staples.


Quarter-sawn louvres


Fine furniture is made with quarter sawn wood to prevent cupping, twisting and warping and ensure durability.

Quarter-sawn means the cuts are made vertically through the tree, across and perpendicular to the growth rings hence making the wood (louvres) remarkably strong, stable and far superior shutter product.

Quarter-sawn wood reveals a tight grain pattern with more depth and character resulting in an exceptionally smooth finish that is not possible with flat sawn.

Flat sawn is widely used as it is widely available and inexpensive by other suppliers.

Engineered stiles


For an everlasting shutter product, each part must resist twisting, bowing, cupping which is common with natural wood. Our manufacturer has designed unique reinforced engineered stiles by bonding multiple layers of wood together with pressure, heat and a proprietary chemical formulation.  This process ensures the shutter panels remain stable, intensely durable and robust for many years.

Haunched mortise and tenon


For prolonged performance, proper wood joinery is critical for stability and longevity of shutters.

Haunched mortise and tenon joinery can endure the sheer and racking forces of opening and closing shutters.

Prescription Wood Conditioning


Our patented wood drying techniques, originated and developed in our suppliers research laboratories are used on the complete range of timber shutters.

This conditioning reduces post installation shrinkage and swelling of all timber shutters.

Wood conditioning specialists determine humidity condition of each customer’s home location and timber is then dried to conditions emulating customer’s location.

This process will ensure your shutters will close tightly without gaps for years to come.

All shutters have a 3 year warranty.